How To Choose an Online College and Avoid Fake Degrees

The world of education is being greatly affected by the rise of individuals and companies who offer fake degrees. This illegal market, however, does not affect that only that field in which the degrees are offered, but it goes on, in ripple effect, and touches the whole fabric of civilized society.

Research on the Net and you will see

Going online and doing a search for "fake degrees" using exact word match, resulted in 105,000 matches, using Google. Out of the first two pages of the search results, a few of the ads were for the purpose of selling online university degrees. The prices for them varied between being just about free, to just under $3,000. You would not have to wait long for delivery either. Some offered a downloadable kit, allowing you to print your own; and others would have your fake degrees mailed to you within a couple of days.

That means that there is no longer any sweat equity involved in getting a college education, or even a higher degree. Some phony universities will even offer a doctors degree in nuclear physics or get a price list for fake degrees. (Sure would not want them working on any reactors near my house!) Worse than the fact that it was cheap, and "instant," is the fact that there is no discipline gained, no education learned, no further preparedness for a career, or life, for that matter if you just get a fake degree. Then, what is really to be gained by it? First, if it was revealed that it is a fake to your employer, "life credits" or not, you will probably be fired. At the very least, you will likely be despised by those whom you were promoted over - because of your fake college degrees. Secondly, if you are in a government position - you will probably be investigated, fired, and then possibly even prosecuted.

The PhD that never was

Just as recently as three years ago, a woman was hired to be one of the directors of the networks of computers of the relatively new Homeland Security. Her credentials were excellent - even having a computer field related Ph.D., and they also showed that she had worked in the computer field since 1980. After she had been there for a couple of weeks, someone grew a little suspicious. She was then put on temporary leave (with pay) until the matter could be resolved. All her degrees, including her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate were from the same university. This school, however, did require some work. She had even written a dissertation - which was never reviewed. Apparently, she thought it was a real school but you have to understand fake college diploma education.

In another incident, a guy hired for a top level management position in a blue chip company was later found out to be a high school drop out. He got all his qualifications from a provider of fake degrees and with a bit of fine acting, and a little bit of help from lady luck managed to establish himself as a successful guru in management. Several companies hired him without establishing the true facts.

Pretending to be more qualified than you are and working in such an environment becomes more risky when human life is concerned. Several years ago a pharmacists from the Midwest thought that he know all that is needed to become a physician using fake degree transcripts. So he got himself some great bogus certificates and moved to a developing country where he established a flourishing private practice. Later when he was found out he was deported from that country and need fake college diploma. These are some the few reported incidents, but think of how many of them go without anybody ever knowing the truth. Who knows the guy your working with may not have the real qualifications he is claiming to have.

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