The Industry and Trend that is Fake diplomas

The rapid growth of our technological world has placed a great demand for a working and educated populace. We have always heard that a high school education would get us a better job - and it is true with fake diploma. Of course, today, much more than that is needed - if you want to do well. Many are also learning that it is true, and thanks to the power of the internet, have found that it has become very easy to get fake diploma ideas.

This Trend Has Become Hi-Tech

That same technological world has now provided the means to make professional looking documents at the click of a mouse, with a credit. They are downloadable fake ged diplomas, can be altered to suit you, and, to top it all off, you can even get the necessary transcripts to go with it - for an extra fee, of course. How convenient for some, and how dangerous it could be for others. Fake diplomas have come of age, in what is now a billion dollar business buying degree.

This Trend is Becoming Worldwide

The number of these agencies has gone from just a few to about 160 in just ten years. They are online, in the open, and their prices range from free to over $500.00. Their services include everything from the choices of paper offered, to the grades, watermarks, and more. With computers and excellent printers being available in other countries create fake college degree, the same thing is happening elsewhere, too. False credentials of education draw many people to the lure of a better job, or more prestige among their peers. Immigrants are also finding the temptation more than a little hard to resist.

This Trend is Becoming a Threat

At a time when the United States is working hard to prevent terrorists from entering into our country, the fake diplomas can make it even more difficult. This was recently proven to be the case when Homeland Security itself had hired a woman, in 2003, to help direct its computer network system. All her credentials looked good - even her Ph.D. in computers. After some suspicion was aroused, and an investigation started, it was discovered that she had received her degrees through a degree mill. Even unknown to the woman herself, who had even written a dissertation for the degree (never actually reviewed), was that the "University" had issued many fake GED checklist - including hers.

The problem becomes obvious when we consider that a government agency (GAO), found out that 28 top-level employees (and more of lesser rank) of a variety of sensitive government agencies also had fake diplomas. This included both Homeland Security and the National Nuclear Security Administration. The problem even becomes magnified more when we consider that their "education" is not real, and they just are not trained to do the job that they claim they can do. Many people are going to be hurt.

It Will Hurt Those Offering Them

A number of these phony schools will often work in one of two ways: either buy fake college diploma through some name that is made up; or, by appearing to be a legitimate school - or, a branch of it. More than one school, operating on the first premise, even created their own website that displayed "evidence" of their accreditation.

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