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Monday, March 30, 2009

There has been a crackdown in South Korea against English language teachers who disregard visa laws and present fraudulent qualifications to obtain jobs. Three Britons were caught in this arrest. Fifty Canadians were also caught in the South Korean attempt to root out illegal teachers with fake ged diplomas. They were detained and deported or investigated by the South Korean government.

South Korean wants more native English language teachers employed in their primary and secondary schools. They need more than 900 teachers in Seoul alone. They dont want their country to become a haven for unqualified teachers. More than 70 teachers have been arrest in one month in Korea for not having proper qualifications holding fake degree certificate. There are also investigations involving four Australians, three Americans and 62 Canadians. Some have already been deported.

The South Koreans have also arrested a Korean-American male who is suspected of brokering jobs. He is also suspected of being an accomplice in forging fake certificates. Most of the teachers under investigation were arrested for having false credentials. They obtained their fake degrees through the internet and used them to pass immigration requirements. A degree is required for teachers to qualify for an E2 working visa in order to teach in Korea.

One example is a twenty-two year old from Winnipeg. She was detained by the Korean authorities for having phony diplomas after teaching in Seoul for eighteen months. She obtained the fake degree online. The diploma mill provided the fake college degree and a resume which passed immigration. She and a friend werent arrested until they tried to leave Korea when their recruiter was arrested. Miss Taylorson stated that obtaining phony diploma online education to teach in Korea was not an uncommon practice.

Korean officials estimated that there were 7,800 legitimately qualified English teachers working in Korean. According to the Guardian, the government refused to estimate the number of teachers that were not properly qualified. This figure was put at 20,000 by the Korean Times two years earlier. They blame the private schools and affordable online fake college degrees for the proliferation of illegal workers.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diploma mills are online entities that sell worthless fake degrees. Diploma mills are predators that prey on the ignorance and confusion that customers have concerning accrediting. They often claim to be nationally accredited or accredited worldwide. They may be accredited, but they are not properly accredited by recognized agencies. Many of the diploma mills have created their own bogus accrediting entities, which makes it trickier for the prospective student.

Proper accrediting means that the school and its programs have been reviewed by the proper accrediting agencies. The college has a program that is comparable with land-based colleges in terms of the programs that it offers and the material that the classes cover. Courses are continually updated so that the material presented is up-to-date and relevant and not issue replica diplomas. All legitimate schools have to continually submit to the accrediting process to make sure that they maintain the acceptable levels of scholarship.

Prospective students can take steps to protect themselves by asking several questions before enrolling or paying any money. They want to know if the school is accredited and by whom and not issuing fake documents. The Council for Higher Education is the entity that is charged with running the accrediting process in the United States. Prospective students can check their website for a list of legitimate online accrediting online fake colleges.

The individual should only apply to the online educational institutions that have the proper accrediting and he/she should verify the accrediting. Many fake degree diploma mills are not truthful in claiming that they are properly accredited. Always check out the information. A printed source is The American Council on Educations Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education. Most libraries contain this publication.

Online colleges and universities can be found by doing a simple search with an internet search engine. Many will present themselves as legitimate. Just because they appear in an internet search does not mean they are legitimate. It may mean they spend a lot on advertising because the majority of them will be bogus providing online fake diploma distance education. They dont have to do anything but create a website and submit it to a search engine. There are no standards that they must conform with and no examination of their credentials which is why they proliferate on the internet. The prospective student needs to protect himself/herself from these bogus institutions by taking a little time to check their accrediting. It is well worth the prospective students time and effort to do this checking.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The online fake college diploma industry is a billion dollar industry. It is also a lucrative area for scams and con men. They set themselves up in business of the internet and supply fake degrees to people who apply for them. There are no course requires or time framework. The individual applies, pays the fee, and receives his/her fake college degree. Since it is so easy, why should people bother with four year colleges?

Many of these kinds of businesses operate out of post office boxes or mail drops. Many are located in remote areas like Montana where the state requirements are rather liberal, but this isnt the only state. States like Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi, and California have very few standards or requirements and Mississippi has no regulation of any kind. Con men also find certain European locations to be popular. There are no regulations to guide them hence the ease of fake college diplomas.

Many people fall for the pitch of these online scams even though many fake degrees are exposed with research and verification. Many people buy a fake degree thinking that they can get away with it. What are some of the consequences of these novelty fake degrees? In North Carolina, a man treated an eight year old girl who died. He worked at a degree verified medical clinic. Another man, also from North Carolina, bought a $100 degree from a British diploma mill and used it in his raising of millions of dollars of venture capital to sell an AIDs drug. A San Clemente, California man operated a diploma mill in Louisiana and made $10,000,000 before being caught.

Many of these fake diploma mills will provide transcripts and phone verification of credentials in case an employer checks. There may also be other phony proof of attendance trinkets like class rings and school I.D. cards. Many of these places get away with it because only 35% of U.S. corporations verify authentic bachelor degrees. What is accomplished by all of this? This is a good question that should be answered by all of the participants, buyers and sellers.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Many people who use fake degrees as a means of obtaining a better job are finding themselves facing arrest or lawsuits. Many people use the fake college degrees with criminal intent. Others are innocent, thinking that their degrees were legitimate. Many fake online colleges and online fake universities present themselves as legitimate even when they are diploma or degree mills.

Some used a fake degree graduate program from the University when he applied for a job in Singapore. He spent four months in prison for the act and he had already spent five years working there before his offense was found out. Another was the deputy chief information officer in the Office of Homeland Security, a high level security position. Her degree was discovered to be a fake in June 2003.

Because of cases like these, employers carefully check the qualifications of their potential and existing employees. There are several factors to consider when detecting fake university degrees. When the dates of the degrees are not in order, this makes them suspicious. A PhD degree comes after a Master degree which comes after a quality online bachelor degree which comes after a high school diploma. A PhD degree without a Bachelor degree is suspicious. The dates on the degrees are something that employers look at.

Many diploma mills sell fake degrees with names that imitate those of legitimate colleges and universities. Spelling and grammatical errors on the degrees are another telltale sign. The degree and fake transcripts must have the embossed seal of the university. Printed versions are unacceptable. Legitimate universities dont make spelling and grammatical errors on their degrees. Another telltale sign is the length of time involved in earning an associate fake college degree. Legitimate degrees involve quite a bit of work. When there is a very short time involved in the awarding of a degree, it is a warning sign.

Employers handle the fake degree situation in different ways. In some cases they will file a police report. Their clients may have been duped into decisions they wouldnt have made if the individual had a legitimate degree and hadnt misrepresented himself/herself. Civil suits may also be a result of the fake credentials. The individual misrepresented himself and claimed to do a job he couldnt do without the proper training. Individuals considering the problems of fake degrees should take these factors into consideration.

by Fake Diploma     

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Monday, March 02, 2009

An investigate reporter from the Straits Times, reported how he obtained two fake university degrees in one week. He obtained one in Criminal Justice and one in Journalism in just one week. When they are that easy to obtain in so short a time period, they are probably fake. A Fake University awarded fake university documents in criminal justice and True Diploma gave him the degree in journalism, both for US$349. There was no studying or tests involved in obtaining the degrees.

Before buying the degree from Fake University, the reporter called them. He was told that they was properly accredited and legal and that their degrees were accepted all over the world. All that was required for the fake college degree was relevant life experience or an online equivalency test that would take less than an hour.

Lim reports that the fake University degree package was quite impressive. In addition to the degree, there were also fake transcripts and grades for the different modules. There is an authentic looking embossed university seal on the degree. All of this was obtained without any courses or examinations.

The reporter states that the fake diploma problem is so prevalent in the United States, that it is a national security threat. A May 2004 audit revealed that 463 federal employees had fake degree certificates. Some were high ranking with security clearances. This illustrates how much of a big business the fake degrees are. It is a billion dollar business selling thousands of fake university diplomas online every week.

Most employers check the qualifications of the prospective employee by calling the university. This may not reveal all of the diploma mills since many of them will provide phone verification. They will tell the employer that the individual is a graduate of the school he claims to have attended.

This doesnt mean that all online college and university programs are fakes. There are many legitimate schools that offer online programs. Anyone that is interested in obtaining a quality fake online diploma should spend time checking out the online school. The prospective student can check with local education authorities to avoid becoming involved with an online swindle.

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