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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obtaining a fake online degree may seem like a good idea but it really isnt. The individual may find his reputation permanently damaged. In spite of this, there is still a demand for these kinds of degrees. The existence of the internet allows people to do many things from the comfort of their home. They can do their shopping, run their businesses and obtain their education and they can do all of it online. Unfortunately, there are many scams and a great deal of fraud in the online environment and fake degrees are one of them.

Online prospective students must be careful of fake online degree programs. Clicking around the internet will reveal places that will sell customers the fake degree of their choice for a price. The buyer can obtain the fake college degree in a weeks time without doing anything but paying for it.

These sites will tell the prospective buyer that they are not responsible for how the diploma is used. They will also make other disclaimers. The buyer of a fake college degrees will find that it is of little value to him. Employers and academic institutions are aware of fake degree diploma mills and check the validity of the degrees that are presented. They can do this either online or with a quick phone call. When the degree doesnt check out, the individual can forget about the job.

The individual doesnt receive the benefits in terms of respect, knowledge and reputation that comes with a legitimate degree and this is obvious in interview situations. In spite of this there has been a growth rate of 33 percent in online fake diploma distance education. Like other forms of internet businesses, they are earning money.

There are several precautions that an online student can take to prevent becoming involved with fake degree programs. They should be wary of programs offering a degree in a short period of time. Nobody qualifies for a master degree in thirty days. The extremely high fees some places charge dont guarantee the quality or legitimacy of education no matter how good they claim to be. Other warning signs are online fake college degrees with names that are similar to legitimate schools. These are dead giveaways that the degree is a phony.

The smart prospective student will spend time checking out the prospective online institutions. Always do your homework before enrolling and sending them money. There is a methodology that the student can follow. It begins with making a list of the online schools that are under consideration as they may just offer fake law degree. Evaluate their programs and look for accrediting information. Look for reviews on the internet by searching university name reviews. If the schools dont check out, then cross them off your list.

by Fake Diploma     

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Most people would not feel happy with a non-traditional or fake college degree. They want to have the sense of pride and accomplishment of completing a real fake college degree program. But many of them fall for the online places that offer online university degrees based on life experiences. They think that their life experiences have taught them as much as time spent in a classroom environment teaches people. These are the kinds of people that deal with diploma mills. They pay a certain amount of money and obtain the phony document to hang on the wall.

Almost any kind of diploma or fake university degree can be obtained online. Surfing the internet will reveal programs for Associate degrees, Bachelors degrees, Masters degrees and PhD fake college degrees. People fill out a form or write an essay based on their life experiences and pay the required amount of money. The administrators of the school review the information provided by the student to ostentatiously see if he/she is qualified for fake university diplomas. The degree is usually sent within one week. There are no courses and no studying. There really isnt any learning involved.

In a brick and mortar traditional school, the course work with majors in various fields is what prepares the student to qualify for a degree. There is a lot of time and effort involved in the learning process. The diploma mill does not base a degree on this criterion. The major is based on the individuals so-called life experiences. Most of these programs work in the following way. Teachers or people with government work experience are usually awarded General Studies majors. Nurses usually receive a nursing major with quality fake documents. Health Science majors are usually for people experienced in biochemistry or genetics while Business Administration degrees are usually for those with office and supervisory experience.

The student feels that the fake degree offers a chance at a better job. The problem is that the individual doesnt have the qualifications for the better job, and even if the employer mistakenly accepts the fake degree as real, the student wont have the knowledge to perform of the job and this will be obvious as time goes on. The individual with the fake associates diplomas will be living a lie and will always be aware that he/she is living a lie. The individual will always be waiting to be caught so even though the fake degree may seem like it is a good idea at the time, it really isnt. It says a lot about the individuals character.

by Fake Diploma     

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