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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whether you know it or not, there are many online and mail order sites that deal in bogus fake degrees, from fake high school diplomas through Ph.D.s. Many of these sites look respectable and legitimate enough when people click on to them. Some of them select names that are close to the names of legitimate accredited institutions. Most of them carry a common theme. They award credit and degrees based on the work and life experiences of the individual. This sounds like a good idea to many people. They have worked for many years and have acquired many different experiences. Why shouldnt their experiences be recognized?

People earn fake college diplomas and online fake college degrees based on long years of academic work, not because they have had “life experiences”. These places are peddling bogus degrees. The bogus online accredited fake degree peddlers exist and have a lucrative market because there is a demand for their product. People need degrees in order to secure better paying jobs. These bogus fake online masters degree places fill the niche in the market by providing the degrees that people need. As long as salary and job advancement are related to degrees, there will be people supplying various kinds of bogus degrees to meet the demand.

A diploma mill is a site that is an unaccredited institution. The student usually has to do a little more than send in the required amount of money to obtain the degree. This is the kind of place that bases degrees on life-experiences. They do not have official accreditation from the recognized accrediting agencies. This can easily be checked at the U.S. Department of Educations database of properly accredited online fake masters degree schools. People who receive degrees from unaccredited schools usually find that the degrees are not accepted as valid in the job market. Employers are becoming more aware of the bogus degree granting businesses and are starting to check out the facts. Credits from unaccredited programs also do not usually transfers to accredited schools. These people may find that they spent the time and money for nothing.

The other kind of bogus degree business doesnt make any pretense of being a school. The sell the degrees, transcripts and verifications services outright, usually demanding payment via cash or money order. They use the terms replicas or novelties in their ads. The quality of the piece of paper is higher correlated with the price the individuals pay. Some places offer a high degree of sophistication in the online fake diploma programs.

Not all online schools offer bogus online fake university degree. There are many legitimate online colleges and universities that have accredited programs that offer valid degrees. These degrees are accepted in the workplace and the transfer process. Always check the accreditation of the school with a valid source, like the U.S. Department of Education.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anyone can do an internet search and people search for different information in different ways. There are many marketing entities that study the search habits of internet users and devise marketing strategies based on their findings. One kind of business that benefits from these studies is the bogus fake degree business.

There is an interesting article entitled, Why Current Laws on Diploma Mills Are Too Lax, which basically explains why these kinds of businesses proliferate. Consumers are led to believe that they can receive fake college degrees based on their work and life experiences. The diploma mills establishments lead them to believe that these experiences are equal to the rigors of academic learning and that they qualify the individual for a college or advanced degree. This is especially evident in online advertisements.

How do market researchers find out the kinds of searches people do? They use the Google Keyword Tool which is readily available to anyone from Google. Entering the term fake degree brings up a list showing the related phrases that people use to search for. You will find that many people do these kinds of searches and there are a lot of people looking for these kinds of services such as fake degree transcripts. Their buying patterns can not be determined from this information but this information feeds the advertising methods of the unaccredited degree institutions.

One of the more popular marketing programs is Google Adwords. Advertisers bid for search keywords. Programs like this are a part of the marketing strategy of many educational institutions and also unaccredited institutions. The consumer doesnt realize this. The top ten paid advertising positions are occupied by both kinds of institutions. Their internet search is yielding a combination of results for them with diploma mills mixed in with legitimate schools.

One such diploma mill was Kennedy-Western University which has since changed its name to Warren National University. They engaged in a legal battle with the state of Oregon over the restrictions the state tried to place of diploma mills. The result was a free speech lawsuit when Oregon tried to prevent individuals from using a fake diploma from an unaccredited school. Oregon is one of the states that has tried to do something about the diploma mill problem. The court agreed with Kennedy-Western University that there was a violation of free speech and violation of the personal rights of the students who used their Kennedy-Western fake degrees. The court rules that Oregon had to revise its laws. The students had the right to use their unaccredited degrees but had to disclose the fact that the degree was from an unaccredited school. The school has applied for accreditation since the ruling on the case.

by Fake Diploma     

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It doesnt require very much research to uncover the fact that almost any kind of college degree can be obtained for a price. It is possible to buy fake degrees at any level for almost any field of study, including medicine and Ph.D.s. The bogus degree business exists and is lucrative because there is a demand for the product that they produce. There are big bucks involved in the diploma mill and fake degree industry.

U.S. Census Data cited in the article “Fake High School Diplomas” illustrates the monetary advantages of being a high school graduate. The salary advantage is worth more than $8,000 per year, with the high school dropout earning a yearly salary of $20,000 or less. For the individual with a quality online bachelor degree, the yearly income is around $50,000. An advanced degree raised the level to more than $75,000 per year. Obviously, the better educated the individual is, the higher his level of income is. If this were not a fact, there would be no diploma mill business with earning of more than half a million dollars a year. There would be no demand for their product if income was not dependent on degrees or if people didnt think they could improve their condition with a bogus degree.

The diploma mill and bogus degree business exists because of the demand for their product. Many people want the degree without doing the work. The diploma mills are able to prey on the ignorance of these people. Many people do not know about the diploma mill and framing bogus degree business. They arent aware of the swindles or any of the dangers involved. Many people believe whatever they read or are told, especially when it comes to the life experiences argument. They really believe that their life experiences are as valid as academic learning when it comes to receiving academic credit earned in an accredited brick and mortar or online school environment.

Fake degree diploma mills will award Associates, Bachelors, Masters, MBAs and even Ph.D.s. A simple internet search will reveal pages of results with a combination of colleges and informational sites. Are all of these listings legitimate? How many are peddling bogus fake university degrees? It requires some research on the part of the searcher to ascertain this information. Accreditation is important. Always look for information on accrediting. The school can also be check in the U.S. Department of Education database to see if they are legitimately credited.

by Fake Diploma     

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Students leave high school without a diploma for a variety of reasons. They can have social problems, financial, family or personal problems. Many of these people go on to get their GED knowing that if they don’t they will spend their lives in low-paying jobs. It is time consuming for the individual to earn a GED even though it is worth it from a monetary point of view. Data from the U.S. Census has shown that the GED or high school diploma results in earnings of $8,000 per year over those who did not have the degree or have a fake college degree.

Picture the following scenario of a married father of two who works as a dishwasher and busboy. His wife stays at home with the young children while he works more than 50 hours per week to make ends meet. How can he study for the GED? He learns about buying high school diplomas on the Internet for $200. His friend bought one and will secure a higher paying job. What does he do?

The high school diploma is worth an extra $8,000 per year in salary and these higher earnings are available for an investment of $200. Finishing high school means something in terms of life-long earnings. The difference could be one million dollars of additional earning over the individual’s life.

Fake diplomas are not beneficial for the employer. They have nothing to gain from them unless they have positions that they can’t fill. This was illustrated by a seventeen year old Colorado high school student. He hypothesized that the military was in desperate need of recruits so he presented himself as a high school dropout and received all of the information he needs to buy a diploma on line that would satisfy the recruitment requirements. This information was provided by the recruiter.

There are various reasons why people buy fake degrees and diplomas. The basic reason is that they need the piece of paper for some reason. This is why there are so many websites and mail-in places where people can buy diplomas along with transcripts and verification services. The purpose of this is to deceive employer who check credentials. In many cases, these documents can be obtained in twenty-four hours. Cash and money orders are the preferred way of doing business.

You get what you pay for and this is also true with novelty fake diplomas. The lower prices versions are not of high quality: better quality fake online diplomas can cost over $1,000. Employer are also becoming smarter and doing their homework when it comes to fake degrees. The high school diplomas are only part of the bogus degree business. Their big business is in fake college degrees.

by Fake Diploma     

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