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Monday, June 23, 2008

More than half of high school graduates in the United States go on to post-secondary training and degrees. People want post-secondary degrees because of their increased earnings potential. The difference in the lifetime earnings between a high school graduate and an individual with two years of college is $250,000. An individual can earn an Associate Degree in two years by attending a community college or even try to buy fake college diploma, junior college, technical school by attending an online institution.

Experts feel that in todays world, there is a three-tiered pay hierarchy. This is very common today where there is increased specialization in different jobs and the individual needs different levels of education to go from level to level within his chosen field. Occupations have some jobs requiring an fake associates diplomas, some a Bachelor Degree and other a post-graduate degree. The Associate Degree is a good first step in this process. It allows the individual to work in the field and see if he likes it.

The health care field is a good example. At the top of the hierarchy are doctors and pharmacists. Both have more than four years of education and have graduate degrees.
They are the top wage earners in the field. Then there are positions like occupational therapist of health services manager. People in these positions have a Bachelor Degree. Individuals with fake college degrees find positions in the third-level as medical records technicians and physical therapy assistants.

The health sector is a good example of an area where there are plenty of jobs for the Associate Degree holder, but it is not the only sector in the economy where this situation exists. There are also different areas that the individual can take an Associate Degree in. Fake university degrees can be in areas ranging from Nursing to Applied Science and the graduate can find a variety of different jobs from medical laboratory technician, hotel manage car mechanic, commercial artist, restaurant manager, criminal justice, etc.

The securing of an Associate Degree allows the individual entry to a career path and a good paying job. There are also other reasons for obtaining a two-year degree. Community colleges, technical schools and junior colleges tend to be more conveniently located in the high school graduates are. The student can live at home and pay lower tuitions fees. The convenient location of these schools and their lower tuition structure has made post-secondary education possible for many students.

If the student has a job and wants to keep on working, he should consider the possibility of obtaining and online university degrees. This is an especially attractive offer for older adults who hold full time jobs and want to obtain an education. There are many online institutions that offer both two-year and four-year degree programs online.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

The online educational industry is a profitable industry with a product that is in demand. This means that it is an industry that is ripe for scam artists. Since the online education industry is large and growing, many scam artists are attracted to the market and try to get a portion of the market share. The U.S. Department of Education has tried to limit the online associate fake degrees by requiring online educational institutions to be accredited. If you enroll in online courses, you want to make sure that the institution you are dealing with accredited. You want your degree to be accepted and recognized by employers that is the main concern.

Accreditation is a recognition process. When an institution is accredited it means that the institution or one or more of its programs meet certain standards of quality that are defined by the accrediting agencies. These agencies have to be approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Most of the accrediting is accomplished on a regional basis and there are six entities that are approved by the Department of Education. They are 1) The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 2) The New England Association of Schools & Colleges, 3) The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 4) The Northwest Association of Schools and College, 5) The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and 6) The Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Once an institution has received accrediting by one of these agencies, it is generally recognized by other accrediting agencies. There are also fifty two national accrediting bodies that can also review and accredit online institutions or go for fake diplomas without hassle.

Having graduated from a good school is a good start in the job market. It doesnt guarantee the graduate a good job but it does help the graduate get interviews. The quality of the program is reflected by ways to get college degree. Employers recognize the name of the institution and associate it with a certain level of quality of education.

The student and/or graduate can face problems if the online institution is not accredited. If the student tries to transfer the credits to another school, they may not be accepted. If the student transfers, he may have to repeat the classes whose credits were not accepted.

Human resource people are smart. They know the difference between legitimate and phony degrees. If the employer is not familiar with the school youve graduated from, they will check it out. Youre chances for the job are much better with a degree from a legitimate institution than with design diploma template from an unaccredited institution. The graduate from the unaccredited institution may have to in some way prove that his degree is valid. This may not be easy to do and it may just not be acceptable to the employer.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

People must be careful when looking for a school that provides online degrees. It is not uncommon to run across educational scams. The Federal Trade Commission is the watchdog consumer agency that issues warnings about scams of this kind. The agency has released a document entitled "Diploma Mills: Degrees of Deception" that covers the problems inherent in diploma mills and the tactics that many of them employ. The victim receives an email saying that he can receive a college level degreed based on life experience alone for a one-time fee. This sounds appealing to many people who do not check out the facts.

In today’s fast-paced society that desire services like online education, these diploma mills were a scam waiting to happen. Many accredited online institutions, like the University have allowed people to obtain online associate fake degrees and to move on to better paying jobs and career advancement. The have made it easier and more convenient for people to obtain an education and their degrees are accepted by employers. Employers want to hired qualified employees, not diploma mill graduates. Most employers wont hire diploma mill graduates so don’t waste your time and money on one.

Many diploma mills claim to be accredited. Dont take the claim for granted. Check it out by contacting the accrediting organization and seeing if they are accepted. Most legitimate educational institutions have their programs reviewed for accrediting. There are six accrediting organizations and eighty professional associations that accredit educational programs. The Department of Education offers a database of accredited institutions so the prospective student can check the information before enrolling.

People attracted to diploma mills are attracted by the idea of receiving the fake degree transcripts for their life experiences. Being told that the school is accredited makes the offer seem better than it is, according to the FTC. There are also things to be on the look for with these emails scams. Most of them create fake college degree for a one-time payment. Legitimate online institutions charge by the credit hour or by the course, not by degree.

Be very wary of degree offers that arrive by unsolicited email or in online advertising pop-ups on the internet. These may inevitably be scams. Pay careful attention to the name of the institution. Many of the scams use imitative names. There may be misspellings. This is a common tactic of internet search engine marketers. Many all about diploma mills choose names that mimic the names of the legitimate institutions. There may be a hyphen, or a letter or a word of difference. They may be phrased in a way to make the individual think they are the legitimate institution. Some will use foreign sounding names to make the public think that they are credible. Whatever, always check out the institution before you apply and send them money. It is better to spot a scam before you are caught up in it than after.

by Fake Diploma     

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