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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There is a huge problem that is starting to infiltrate the employment market. Fake diplomas are not just something that people are using to get a good paying job anymore. It has come to light that now people in high ranking positions are starting to use fake university diplomas. This is not only creating problems for companies but it is also putting everyone, the general public at risk.

It has been revealed that people have used fake degrees to get jobs as safety engineers, nuclear power plant positions and even at the Pentagon. When employers do not pay attention and verify degrees, people with a fake degree can slip into a position of authority and that is not a good thing.

When someone gets a fake college diploma details all they do is pay a fee. They do not attend classes and they learn absolutely nothing about what it is they are supposed to hold a degree in. Many of the diploma mills that produce these online associate fake degrees will even go so far as to provide class schedules, transcripts and even report cards, so a person can really convince an employer their degree is real.

The scariest problem are those people who are serving as government officials and who are passing themselves off as holding a degree they bought from a diploma mill. These people are being trusted with a position of authority and they are abusing it by lying straight out about their education and their ability to do the job for which they are employed.

Sometimes, though, people are unaware that the degree they are getting is fake. Some diploma mills do actually provide class work. This makes them seem legitimate. However, the school is not accredited and the diploma is worthless. People are shocked once they learnt hey did all the work and paid all the money for nothing.

It is important for a person to check out a school and make sure it is accredited before paying anything. Additionally, employers should also take the responsibility to check out applicants diplomas instead of just assuming they are real. This can be easily done by checking out the school and checking out the applicants history with the school. All it takes are a few phone calls and some internet research. It is well worth the time.

Once everyone starts working towards weeding out those who got fake diplomas without hassle the diploma mills will cease to exist. It is very important that people with fake diplomas be taken out of these positions where they are putting people at risk. It is not just the fact they used a fake college degree pages, but it is more about the fact that they are doing a job they are not qualified to do and someone could get seriously hurt.

by Fake Diploma     

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There is a scam going around that Human Resource personnel and hiring managers of companies need to be on the look out for. This scam is fake diplomas. These fake diplomas are simply bought from diploma mills and no real course work is ever done, so individuals who hold these online associate fake degrees are not really as qualified as they may appear. Hiring someone who create fake college degree could cause major problems for the hiring manager and for the company.

A diploma mill basically prints up bulk amounts of fake college diplomas for almost every degree imaginable. If a person can pay the price then they can get themselves a diploma without ever attending a single class or cracking a book.

It is clear to see why this is a big problem. Employers do not want people working for them who are not really qualified. It makes the company look bad and it can start to effect the day to day operations in a negative way.

Government agencies are starting to crack down on diploma mills. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Department of Education and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have all stated concern about these diploma mills and the fake university diplomas they are issuing.

These agencies have issued statements warning employers that hiring people with fake university degrees can compromise their companies credibility. It can also open the door for major liability issues should the person with the fake diploma online cause harm or do something they shouldnt. Additionally, a company could come under fire and risk embarrassment and public humiliation at the hands of a fake degree transcript.

It is likely that the fake degree will come to light eventually, but it is very important that it be caught in the beginning. These diplomas look real and they are quite easy to mistake for the real thing. The only way to truly check it out is to contact the college and make sure the person earned the degree and did not just buy it.

Employers can also use some of the many tools offered by the above mentioned agencies. These agencies are doing everything possible to prevent people from getting employment using fake college diplomas. Employers also have to do their part and be on the look out for them.

Degree mills are a dangerous business. They are putting people out there with fake credentials that could put other people and companies at risk. These degree mills have to be stopped and the best way is to prevent people from being able to use fake degrees. If they can not use them then they will not buy them. If the government and employers work together then soon degree mills will be a problem of the past.

by Fake Diploma     

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Distance learning has been around for quite some time. The idea of earning a degree without attending physical classes makes education easier and more convenient. Today’s distance learning is mostly done through the internet, which makes things even better for the student but some just go for fake ged diplomas.

There are options of earning degrees from high school diplomas to masters degrees through distance learning. This means a person can reach their education goals without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Distance learning online works in a simple format. The student will use the schools website to complete their work. Through he website a student will get and complete assignments, take tests, communicate with school personnel and even be able to connect with other students. It is basically an online classroom environment.

The best part of distance learning is that students can work at their own pace on their own schedule without resorting to fake university diplomas. There are still deadlines, but students can complete work whenever they have the time as long as they turn it in on time.

A distance learning high school diploma is a great option for someone who is wanting to accomplish the goal the getting their high school diploma. It is going to allow a person to be able to complete their high school studies and earn the diploma they need to get ahead in the job market and better their life.

Using online schools a person can get their high school diploma quickly and easily. Online courses allow a person to work in their spare time. They can complete the courses in their spare time and not have to disrupt their life to earn their online fake high school diplomas. It makes it simple to reach the goal that will have a great impact on a persons ability to secure a good job.

The demands of daily life can make the idea of returning to school seem impossible. When a person has a daily schedule that is jammed full of things to do it can be hard to imagine being able to fit school into it. Distance learning, though, is flexible enough to fit into any schedule and can make obtaining a high school diploma a valid and reachable goal.

Online schools know that most of their students are adults who are raising a family and working while also attending school. They design their courses to meet their students needs through a fake college degree price list and they make sure they provide the support a student needs to succeed.

Getting a distance learning high school diplomas are something that a person should look into if they are serious about completing high school. It is a wonderful option that will not interfere with a persons other responsibilities. A person can finally earn their high school diploma and start to reap the benefits and rewards that come with having one.

by Fake Diploma     

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Monday, January 07, 2008

For many people test taking is a very stressful situation. For some it can be almost impossible for them to ever score well on a test because they have such bad anxiety over the situation. For others, some tests may be too demanding, making it really hard to be able to retain all of the needed information to ace the test. Whatever the situation, test taking is not something that is easy for most people that is the exact reason why some turn to fake ged diplomas.

Many people resort to cheating on a test just so they can pass the class. Without cheating they would never earn enough points to make it through the class and pass, so cheating really is their only option.

There are many ways to cheat on a test. The key is to find the method that works best for you.

Perhaps the most popular method of cheating is a cheat sheet. A cheat sheet is basically a piece of paper with all of the important information you need to have for the test written on it but it would be easier just to turn to fake associates diplomas. Using a piece of paper, though, is risky, so people have gotten creative and started writing cheat sheets out on different places, like on their arm, on the brim of their hat or even on their shoe.

Another popular method is looking at someone elses paper. With the overcrowding in schools today desks are often crowded together, making it easy to glance at someone else’s paper and get the answers. This is easiest to do by sitting in the middle of the room.

The best way to cheat and to ensure you will get a good grade is to get a copy of the test before hand. This is also the risky way to cheat. If you get caught the punishment is likely to be severe the if you are caught with fake diploma and fake degree. Sometimes it can be easy to get a copy of the test. If the teacher gives the same tests each year or even each semester then you can simply find someone who had the class before and get their old test. You may have to try to sneak into the teachers desk to get a copy.

If you can get lucky enough to be able to take the test after the rest of your class has taken it then you can get a copy of the test and study it before hand. The teacher will likely give you a different version, but often the questions are the same. This can be the easiest way to cheat and the least likely way to get caught.

Cheating on a test is something that students do just like using replica diplomas. Most teachers are always on the look out for cheaters. It is risky, but if it is your only option then it may just be worth it.

by Fake Diploma     

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bogus fake degrees are becoming a popular issue these days for companies. Many hiring managers are fooled by fake ged diplomas because they do look so realistic and the people who use them are often great at convincing someone their degree is real. A bogus degree, though, can mean big trouble for a hiring manager and their company, so weeding out fake degree transcripts is important.

Hiring managers need to know some of the tell tale signs of a fake university degrees or online university degrees. While many of these degrees look so real that it is next to impossible to just tell by looking at them that they are fake, many have some clues that give them away.

One thing to look for when checking out a degree is and out of sequence degree. What this means is that generally people will earn degrees in a certain order. They start with online fake high school diplomas and then move to an associates degree, bachelors degree and so on. A person should hold these degrees in the correct order. If someone says they have a masters but no associates or bachelors then chances are the degree is not real and would be a case of phony diplomas.

Another good thing to check is the length of time it took the person to get the degree. Today there are many accelerated degrees that a person can earn, but it still takes time. If a person claims to have earned or choosing degree for something is less then two years then it needs to be checked out further because it is unlikely that the degree is real.

Hiring managers should also check out the location of the school from which the degree was earned. It is possible for a person to earn a degree from a college half way across the country if they did it online, but if they are trying to say they live in Florida and got a degree out of Colorado and not saying they did it online, then something is fishy ans is like a fake college degree. The degree should be checked out through the institution.

The college is another thing to check out. There are many, numerous colleges and universities and it is unlikely that a person has heard of every one. However, many fake diplomas use college names that are similar to a popular college name. This is a big sign of a bogus degree. If the hiring manager has never heard of the school then they really need to check it out and make sure it is a real school that is accredited.

It may seem like a lot of trouble or risky to question a persons degree, but if any of these signs show up then it is everyone’s best interest for a hiring manager to check the degree out. A bogus degree can mean a lot of hassle and even be damaging to the hiring manger or the company. It is well worth being cautious when it comes to questionable degrees.

by Fake Diploma     

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