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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Many people do not realize that it is possible to use the internet to buy fake transcripts. While there are reasons that people would want to purchase false transcript documents for legitimate reasons (i.e. those who collect fake documents or intend to use the fake transcript for some kind of elaborate practical joke), it is far more likely that many who are looking to buy fake transcripts do so for less than ethical reasons. For this reason, many universities will not accept transcripts directly from potential students--rather, they make the prospective students fill out a transcript release form that gives the university permission to obtain transcripts directly from the student's previous educational establishment.

One area in which diplomas and transcripts are particularly problematic is transcripts that are used by foreign students to obtain admission in American colleges and universities. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous workers in foreign colleges to provide diplomas provided by the prospective students to requesting American universities. Of course, this problem can also happen in American universities, but tighter regulation and control make the problem more of a concern for transcripts coming from overseas. The majority of such international fake diplomas and transcripts come from China and Nigeria.

Companies that set up a phony university that exists for the sole purpose of producing diplomas and transcripts (for an often substantial fee). Some of these programs will go so far as to provide fake letters of recommendation and even maintain a false telephone front end that "verifies" that the student with a diploma from the institution actually attended and graduated. There have been several high profile cases in recent years in which figures in positions of responsibility or public trust have been discovered to have claimed credentials. For this reason, these companies have found themselves coming under increased scrutiny and many of them have shut down, either voluntarily or otherwise.

Researchers who are investigating the problem of fake transcripts and diplomas from diploma mills have discovered some unsettling findings. Searches of popular online resume database services have turned up literally thousands of people who tout degrees from known bogus programs. Worse, many of these people currently hold positions such as high school principles, police officers, and even nuclear safety engineers! Clearly, having people in such positions of responsibility who do not have the proper qualifications is a disaster in waiting.

While some use the internet to buy transcripts and diplomas for legitimate reasons, far more use them for nefarious purposes. This is an ongoing and increasing problem, and one that is predicted to receive increasing attention as time progresses.

by Fake Diploma     

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

In todays agile and ever changing employment landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the highest levels of corporate success with only a bachelor's degree. The masters fake degree is seen by many as being the optimal university degree for someone who is looking to reach the very highest levels of corporate success. While it is possible to do it with less education, that is clearly a more difficult route. Surprisingly it can be sometimes difficult to reach the upper levels of management with a Ph.D. as well since those possessing Ph.D. degrees often become "pigeon holed" in a narrow area of expertise and are rarely given the opportunity to broaden their experience to the extent necessary to assume a position of high responsibility.

One pattern that is increasingly seen in recent years is for a college graduate to enter the workforce, work for a few years, and then return to school to earn a masters degree when it becomes apparent that further progress is either impossible or extremely difficult without having more education. This is particularly common with those who work in technology based fields. Starting out as engineers, those who wish to move more quickly up the technical ladder often choose to obtain a higher degree in their technical specialty while those who become interested in management often return to school to obtain a masters degree in business administration (MBA). Of course, once one has entered the workforce, it is often difficult or impossible to return to full time study. This is where the concept of the online masters degree comes in. An online masters degree is earned by taking classes over the internet from home during one's spare time to buy fake degree.

Of course, some types of study are more amenable to online fake degree learning than are others. Highly physically participatory disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, etc., must by the very nature of their discipline contain a laboratory component that can not be taken online. Other disciplines, such as business and computer science, translate very well to the online learning model and it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of those earning an online masters degree are studying business or technology.

Earning an online masters degree is in some ways more challenging than earning a bachelors degree online since masters degrees more often than not require more collaborative learning. In technology this takes the form of group projects while in management it means grouping, teaming, and leadership skills. For this reason, many online masters degree programs require students to spend at least a few weeks on campus in order to take care of those parts of earning the degree that simply can not be effectively learned from an online setting.

by Fake Diploma     

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Online training courses and certification programs can be a viable option for those who wish to either learn new skills or obtain verifiable proof that they possess skills in certain areas. While there are online training courses and certification programs for a number of disciplines, the most successful modern programs provide study and certification in technological, often computer related, areas of learning. Some of these courses are provided by vendors of the technology (i.e. Sun is a leading supplier of certifications for the Java programming technology, which is owned by Sun) or by third party educational companies that provide the courses. Courses and fake certification programs can be quite expensive, but they are well worth the cost for those who are looking to make a move upward in their technology career.

One of the most important and successful training and certification program is the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) program offered by Microsoft. Since many large corporations run Microsoft Windows software on both the desktop and in the networking infrastructure, having a complete knowledge of such systems is often invaluable to those who work in networking, computer support, and other such field. Many companies also utilize Linux and UNIX for their backend systems, and there are a number of UNIX and Linux certifications. The most well known of these certification programs are offered by RedHat, the creator of the widely used RedHat Enterprise Linux and the open sourced Fedora Core operating systems.

Perhaps the most popular and industry respected technical training and certification program is the one run by Cisco Systems. Cisco is a manufacturer of back end networking equipment (routers, switches, etc.) and every company that utilizes Cisco back end systems needs employees who are well versed in the intricacies of setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting Cisco based networking equipment. Becoming Cisco certified is a rather arduous process--however, for those who make their living by maintaining back end network equipment, it is by far the most valued certification available.

There are also online training courses and certification programs for those who program computers. One of the most sought after programming skills currently is a thorough knowledge of Microsoft's .Net suite or products. The Microsoft .Net platform is an enterprise level suite of technologies that enable programmers to easily and efficiently create business applications and systems. Microsoft offers the Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) and the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certifications for the .Net environment. The former basically covers .Net programming technologies while the latter also includes system architecture topics the other option would be to buy fake diploma.

Those who are seriously considering increasing their technical skills or verifying their current skills should look into online certification and training programs. There are programs for nearly every technical specialty.

by Fake Diploma     

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Associate degrees are basically degrees that take two years to study for and they are degrees earned at the community college level. In today's changing educational climate, online associate degrees are becoming more and more commonplace because of their convenience and versatility. Earning an associate degree can be a stepping-stone to furthering your education. Many people get their associate degree and then spend another two years time (which is equal to approximately 60 credit hours) to earn their bachelor's degree at the collage level. For example, online associate degrees in such disciplines as business, and liberal arts will be accepted for transfer into any programs across the United States that offer fake bachelors degrees, both online and off.

Online associate fake degrees can qualify a person for a number of occupations, and while some may require further education and training, others will not. An associate degree is considered to be an undergraduate degree that has as a requirement for its students at least 60 semester credit hours of work to be completed. This type of fake degree is broken down into three parts, there is the requirements according to general education, the major requirements and finally the electives (or courses that do not directly pertain to your major but instead help round out your education by mixing in other elements from other subjects).

Online associate degrees can be completed as fast or as slow as you choose to do them. It all depends on the pace at which you can do the work in relation to your work schedule and your family responsibilities. If you choose to study full time this works out to be approximately 2 years of study or four semesters (which is an estimated 15 semester credit hours). It is possible to also find an online associate degree program that can be done on an accelerated basis. Online associate degrees are the exact same type of degrees as are associate degrees you can earn by attending classes at a traditional campus. The only real difference is that the entire degree can be studied completely via the Internet and/or by way of distance education if it is available.

Associate fake college degrees, whether earned online or offline are obtained through community colleges, junior colleges or technical colleges. Graduating with an associate degree means that you have successfully completed a program that takes in a "broad base of study" and that while your education is of the general kind, you have concentrated or narrowed in on a specific field. For example you might be graduating with an associate degree in either arts or science known as a liberal arts degree or you might be getting an associate degree in an occupational concentration, such as for example electronics. Many employers looking to fill mid-level technology types of positions in their firms are looking for individuals with an occupational associate degree such as an associate of applied sciences degree.

There are four basis types of associate degree programs and these include the A.A. program or "Associate of Arts" degree for transfer to a college or university; the A.A.S. program or "Associate of Applied Science" degree which is suitable for those looking to advance their current job or to gain entry into a new career; the A>S. program or "Associate of Science" degree which is designed to be a step towards a four year bachelors program and lastly, the occupational degree (or "applied" degree) which helps to get students prepared to join the workforce right after graduation.

by Fake Diploma     

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