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Monday, April 09, 2007

Education is one of mankind's greatest accomplishments. The enlightenment of a society's children, giving them the tools by which to succeed and grow, is a core element of any developed society. The term "education" comes from the Latin word "educare," which means "to raise, train, or bring up." There is also a lovely linguistic myth about the origins of the word; many people believe that the word "education" comes from the Latin "educere," which means "to lead out or lead forth," with the idea that education leads people out of the darkness of ignorance.

In ancient times, when life revolved around the clan, the family, the tribe, and the conflict with other tribes, instruction primarily consisted of teaching children the skills needed for survival - how to hunt, how to plant, how to make tools and weapons. The earliest forms of formalized education revolved around religion and fake university diploma were also involved, because instruction was necessary in the words and forms of rituals to preserve them and pass them down from generation to generation. Hence the earliest educators were priest, rabbis, religious leaders.

It was in ancient Greece that society began to see the education of youth as a societal concern, rather than just a family or religious matter. The Greeks were the first to develop education as a science.

Although every culture, no matter how primitive, practices some basic form of education, teaching the history and mythology of the culture and the basic skills needed for survival, in most societies education begins with literacy - teaching people to read and write. Mathematics is the other competency that is considered basic - the ability to count and add. Developed societies encourage more formal schooling that teaches these plus science, history, and other more sophisticated knowledge of online college degree.

Educational systems today revolve around schooling that follows a curriculum, usually established by a society's government and geared to the skills and knowledge felt to be necessary for the society's members to thrive, contribute, and compete in the world. One of the standards for a developed country is how many of its citizens can read and write.
We often read about how American students compare with the students in other countries in their knowledge of geography or their skills in mathematics. As society becomes more technologically oriented, education plays a key role in producing a population that can handle the jobs needed to develop new technologies.

There are many debates in our society today about who should be responsible for education and how standards can be established and measured. Many feel that alternatives to public education are needed and want the government to pay for education alternatives. Many educators are unhappy with the emphasis on standardized testing in schools that is used to help judge student's levels of competency while others say that without broad standards it is impossible to compare achievement. While the states have great autonomy in setting their own schools' policies and rules to buy fake college diploma, the Federal government is responsible for seeing that students all across the country have equal opportunities to be educated in order to be successful in life.

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There's no getting around the fact that a high school diploma is important for job success. High school dropouts who never earn a diploma are more likely to be unemployed than a high school graduate, and earn hundreds of dollars less each week. In 2002, high school graduates earned $717 a month more than people without high school diplomas, and that gap has undoubtedly grown wider in the last few years. Not having a high school diploma can also be a matter of self esteem - if you feel self-conscious about your lack of formal education, you may not put yourself forward as confidently at work, and that can also affect your upward mobility.

However, if you haven't received a fake diploma, it's never too late. Even though adults aren't allowed to go back to class in the local high school alongside the teenagers, you can still earn a diploma, regardless of age. You can find a program that will accommodate your work schedule and family life, although you will have to make sacrifices to find the time to study for a fake university degree.

Local adult education programs - often held in the local high school or community center at night - may offer fake high school diplomas. More commonly, they may offer preparatory classes for the GED. This is the first step to examine if you want a high school diploma, as it is usually free or low-cost. Contact your local department of education, or check your state's official website for links to educational information.

The Internet has opened many doors to students, and one is the availability of online high schools that provide classes and issue diplomas. The advantage of online high schools is that they have extremely flexible schedules you can tailor to fit your own life. A good online high school offers courses online, with access to faculty members, testing at your own pace, and technical support. Many also save you the cost of textbooks, as all class materials are available online (you can print them out as desired). If your local or state board of education cannot point you to specific online high school programs, an Internet search for "online high school" or "virtual fake college" should show you plenty of options such as fake diploma mills.

Online high schools can also help keep a young person from dropping out entirely. Students who feel the need to work rather than attend school due to family financial pressures, or who do not flourish in a classroom setting, may find that virtual high school online, via the Internet, is their route to a diploma. The Internet is a gateway to fulfilling your dream of a high school diploma. If your career opportunities have been limited by your lack of education, consider going to an online high school, no matter what your age.

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