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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is cheating on the increase in school? Certainly, modern technology has made plagiarism easier and created new cheating methods. Studies show that anywhere from 40% to 70% of students have cheated at some point during their school years. As many as one in 10 students develops a habit of regular, repeated cheating.

Teachers can't depend on other students to point out cheating. No student wants to be in the position of telling tales on a fellow novelty diploma student. Detecting cheating, and preventing cheating, are unfortunately a big part of a teacher's job.

Detecting cheating in the form of plagiarism from online sources is time-consuming for teachers. Special software is used in some schools, or a teacher trying to detect cheating can spot phrases that sound unlike the student's own work and run them through a search engine. Some students may not fully understand that paraphrasing can be cheating, so begin the school year by explaining the proper use of sources.

Many other methods of cheating have been around for years. Detecting cheating primarily requires a teacher to keep a sharp on students while they are taking classroom tests. Here are some things to steps you can take:

Watch for unusual body movements; this can indicate notes hidden in odd places, or prearranged signals between students. Collect scrap paper as well as finished tests, to make sure "cheat sheets" didn't sneak in. Compare test papers, and homework, for excessively similar wording that may indicate online college degree copying.

Whether or not you take the time and trouble to use special software that checks for plagiarism from online sources, it's a good idea to tell students that you do. This may make them think twice about cheating that way.

It's also wise to establish a "zero tolerance" policy for cheating, with clearly stated consequences. Consequences that affect the whole class if anyone cheats can help bring peer pressure against cheating. Some specific other ways of preventing cheating are:

Customize tests. In these days of word processing, it's not difficult to create several versions of the same test, with the same questions but in different order. This makes it harder for students to copy or signal answers to specific questions. Randomly assign seats for testing; this disrupts any plans students might have made for copying answers. Ban electronic devices. Today's students can program their cell phones, even their calculators, to store information. Stand in the back of the room. When students can't tell what you're looking at, they are less likely to risk cheating behaviors. Assign homework that requires personal opinion and analysis. If students don't find their assignments boring, they are less likely to look for shortcuts that may involve cheating.

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How many people can say they know exactly where their college diploma is? If you don't have it framed and hung on your wall, it's in a box somewhere. When did you last see it? Even if it's framed, it can easily be misplaced when packing and moving. And if you've ever had a flood or fire, many of your important papers, including your college diploma, may have been lost, vanished forever. A diploma is proof you graduated from your college; without it, you may need to order transcripts or jump through other hoops to prove your education.

Whether or not you can get a replacement copy of your college diploma depends upon where you went to school. Some institutions of higher education adamantly refuse to issue a replacement copy of a college diploma. They will provide you with certified copies of your transcripts, or letters that document your graduation and the degree conferred, but if your college diploma is lost, they will not give you a replacement copy.

Some colleges, such as McGill University, require you to present an affidavit swearing to the loss of your diploma in order to get a replacement copy. Others, such as the University of Southern California, require you to provide the damaged original college diploma, or a copy of an insurance claim for fire or flood loss. Some colleges will issue duplicate diplomas upon request, but they may be clearly marked "copy." Replacement copies will be signed by current university officers; it will not be an actual copy of your original diploma.

Most colleges will not give you a replacement copy of a college diploma bearing a different name, because the diplomas must match the names on your college records. But other colleges will reissue your diploma with both your maiden and married name, for example. This depends upon the school you attended; you are stuck with whatever the college's policy about ordering replacement diplomas is.

You may be able to determine your alma mater's policy about getting a replacement copy of your diploma, by checking their Web site, or you can call to ask. However, to actually request a replacement copy of your diploma, you will probably have to send them a letter.
Colleges are bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA); this says that only the actual student can see his or her own record or request transcripts. To release a transcript at the student's request, written permission is required. So if you lost your spouse's college diploma, for example, or want a copy of your child's college diploma, you can't surprise them with a replacement; only the person who actually attended the college can make the request.

Find out if your alma mater has a specific form that needs to be completed in order to request a replacement copy of a lost degrees.

Because of FERPA, all requests must be in writing, not by fax or email. This is meant to protect you against someone else fraudulently gaining access to your records. As a result, getting a replacement college diploma may take a month, or up to three months. The cost for the replacement service may be as little as $15 or as high as $100.

by Fake Diploma     

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Monday, January 01, 2007

When you are ordering something as important as a fake diploma or a transcript, you will need to feel good about it. You might be curious to know what the quality of the item you order will be. Since most people order these items online, it can be difficult to tell what kind of quality to expect. That is why the best companies offer samples for their customers to view.

The great thing about us is that you always know exactly what is going on and what you will get in the end. Each order is custom made for you! You will be in close contact with the designers and know that we are doing our best to create a fantastic fake diploma or transcript for you. Although the images on this page might be a little distorted, due to the fact we don’t want anyone using them to print off their own fake diploma, your order will come out clearly. You can click on the thumbnail of the image to see it larger. This is just a small amount of samples we have, but you should be able to get a good idea of the quality using them. If you don’t see the template for the school you desire a degree from, simply ask us!

Take a moment to review our templates and look closely at the detail. We do respect the University copyrights, so we cannot display our real college templates. You will notice that the quality of each one is fantastic however. You simply cannot find fake degrees in the quality anywhere else. The parchment paper and security paper used is top of the line. You can choose from several colors. However, we like to use the color that closely matches an original document from the particular school you are ordering to represent.

There are many reasons you should use us for your personalized forged certificate. First, you should use us because our quality is simply unmatched. There is no one else on the Web that can give you the high quality that we do at the prices we charge.

Next, you should use us because when you do, you always know exactly what you are getting. You know how it will look, before you even purchase it. You can even purchase great frame for your item as well. There are many frames to choose from for your degree certificate. You can get a wooden frame if you are looking for something to match the wooden furniture in your home. Or, you can get a metal frame if you want something a little more contemporary. In addition, using us allows you the technological advances in this business. We can make you precise and authentic-looking copies of your degree. We can reproduce actual signatures and the official signature as well. If you need an embedded seal on the degree, we can do it. You will be shocked to see how accurate our college degrees are.

by Fake Diploma     

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When you are looking for the best companies out there for your fake diploma needs, you have to do some research. You need to get on the Web and start searching for various fake diploma companies and sites. You can visit these sites to get a good idea of what they offer. In addition, you can take a look at their samples, prices, and quality. But, if you really want to know what other customers really think about the company, you have to be sure that you check out some fake diploma review sites.

diploma-review.com & fakediploma-review.com
These two review sites are not really the best to take a look at. So, if you do come across these sites, you might want to turn the other way and run. The truth is that these sites were built to promote specific fake diploma businesses, not to tell the truth about fake degree and fake diploma businesses. So, what you read on these sites is not honest opinions, but just ads for sites they want you to visit.

This site is hit or miss. It seems to be a legitimate review site, but it also seems to have a vendetta against specific businesses that may or may not be legitimate. So, when you go to this site, take the information lightly. You may read something negative about a company that is great. So, at the end of the day you should make your own decisions about what you read on this specific review site.

This site seems to be one of the most legitimate fake degree review sites on the Web. Things you read here are likely to be pretty accurate. In fact, they often tell you the truth so clearly that you might be scared from ordering a degree at all. If you sift through the negatives however, the site will show you some valid fake degree and fake diploma sites you can count on to deliver you an authentic looking degree.

So, when it comes down to taking a look at fake degree or fake diploma review sites, you really need to be aware of what you are reading and who it is coming from. You don’t want to trust a review site that is only trying to promote one or two fake diploma or fake degree companies and are bashing the rest. You want to find a site that gives valid criticism and praise of various companies in the business. Of course, it can be quite difficult to see what you should believe and not believe. So, all in all you should trust your gut and make your own choices when it comes to review sites on fake diplomas and fake degrees.

by Fake Diploma     

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